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Custom Reversible Satin Bonnets

Custom Reversible Satin Bonnets



All bonnets come with a FREE handmade matching scrunchie! Made with luxurious silky satin and quality elastic these bonnets can last WELL over a year with proper care! Choose any of our 2 reversible colors of your choice and size! 


Our jumbo bonnets are popular for their versatility! They’re great for protecting a variety of hair/protective styles (braids, locs, etc.).

Our regular sized bonnets are great for short and/or natural hairstyles! They are about the same standard size you’d buy at the beauty supply. 


Benefits of a Nique Taylor: 

  • Keeps hair moisturized/ helps to lock in moisture 
  • Helps prevent split ends and breakage 
  • Keeps hair in place and helps prevent tangling 
  • Keeps hair out the way for sleeping, doing tasks, or those in-between hairstyles runs! 
  • Maintains hairstyles so they last longer!
  • If you live in a bonnet, these bonnets are great for eye-catching content in tutorials, tik-toks, or even FaceTime with your boo 💕


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